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September 29, 2013

Greeting in Indonesian Language

Here they are some vocabularies that usually used by Indonesian people in greeting and cordiality

Selamat datang              Welcome

Selamat pagi.                Good morning

Selamat siang               Good Afternoon (after 11:00 am till 3:00 pm)

Selamat sore                 Good Evening   (after 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm)

Selamat malam.            Good Night

Selamat jalan.                Good-bye.

Selamat tinggal.             Good-bye (to the one who is staying).

Selamat makan.             Enjoy your meal.

Selamat tidur.                 Have a nice sleep.

Apa kabar?                    How are you?

Baik, terima kasih.         Fine thank you.

Baik-baik saja.               Just fine.

Sampai jumpa.              See you again. (literally: until we meet)

Sampai jumpa, lagi.       See you again. (literally: until we meet again)

Sampai ketemu.            See you again. (literally: until we meet)

Sampai bertemu.           See you again. (literally: until we meet)

Sampai besok.              See you tomorrow. (literally: until tomorrow)

Terima kasih.                Thank you.

Terima kasih banyak.     Thank you very much.

Sama-sama.                  You’re welcome.

Kembali.                       You’re welcome

Cukup.                          Enough

Kenyang.                       Full

Permisi                          Excuse me

Maaf.                            Sorry.

Tidak apa apa.               It’s ok. No problem

Silakan masuk.              Please, come in

Silakan duduk.               Please, sit down

Silakan makan.              Please, eat. Help yourself

Silakan minum.              Please, drink

Silakan tambah lagi.       Please, have some more

Tolong.                          Please (used when requesting help with something)
Tolong, tutup pintu.        Please, close the door.

Minta.                           Please (used when requesting to be given something)
Minta air putih?              May I have some water please?

Pronounciation in Indonesian Language

Pronuciation of alphabets in Indonesian Language :

  • “a”  pronounced “ah”, as in word “father.
  • “e”  generally pronounced shorter sound than the short “e” in English, as in word "exam".
  • i   pronounced  “ee”, as in “meet”.
  • "o” pronounced as long “o”,  as in “hold”.
  • “u” pronounced “oo” as in “toot”.
  • “aa” pronounced as “aah”.
  • “ai” long “i” sound as in “eye” (“ah+ee” in one sound).
  • “au” pronounced as “ow”, as in word “cow” (“ah+oo” in one sound). 

Indonesian consonants generally pronounced as consonants in English Language, with these exception:

  • “c” pronounced “ch”,  as in “chip”.
  • “g” pronunced hard “g”, sound as in “goat.
  • “ng” pronounced as in “lung”. The sound comes from the back of your throat WITHOUT the hard “g” sound.
  • “ngg”“ung”+ hard “g” sound as in “hunger”
  • “ny" pronounced as in “canyon”. 
  • “h” a sigh-like sound that is pronounced, at times quite prominently. Unlike English, it is NOT silent no matter where it is found in a word.
  • “k” the normal “k” sound as in “kite” EXCEPT when found at the end of a word, where it is cut off or very soft. This is also called a glottal stop, which is similar to the sound at the back of your throat when saying “oh-oh”.
  • “r” pronounced as hard "r" or "rr".